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Sepeda India Bajaj Pulsar 150 cm3 to review engine

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I am Santhosh and I bought the Bajaj Pulsar 150 cm3 three months ago. It had been my dream for some time bike. How I got this bike is a long history. I actually watched many bikes for two months before I finally bought the Bajaj Pulsar 150 cm3. Getting the bike however was not easy. I ran to problems when I tried to convince my father this bike was. However, in the end, I managed to do so.

One of the things I love most bike is its speed. It looks really good and it can turn many heads. New speed meter is very elegant and has many characteristics (the negative part of having a great looking tachometer, is that it happened easily end up watching the tachometer too, too cause you crash.) Don't do that.)

New clip on handles plays a huge role in the handling of the bike. On the UG version, the driver's seat is also slightly low that it is on the previous versions that make this bike a little more attractive, if you are of average size. However, you can meet some back pain when you are carrying a huge load or when you are in a car on the road.

The Bajaj Pulsar 150 cm3 UG 4.5 comes with a size 29 mm carburetor which is greater than what was the old version of 8 mm. This increases his power to PS 14.09 to 15.06 PS 9000 RPM. This is not a huge difference from the old version however. His Nitro X shock absorber is awesome. It is a smooth and less bumpy ride.
It has shock telescopic front that are really good for the manipulation of motorcycles.

However, there is a small problem when it comes to the movement of the gears. It suffers a little between the 1 train and neutral. 2Nd gear and beyond, it works well. However, while you are stopping the bike you will have to pass to the 1 train to be a bit complicated, so it requires certain practices.

This bike also has the cheerleader Spotlight which is large compared to its older versions and engine DTS adds a little more point to the cheerleader. The battery lasts long and it is easy to maintain.

My own experience, the mileage gives you approximately 45 - 50 km per litre if you ride the bike at about 55 km/h. The bike has a good response from the accelerator, but I advise you never to try and accelerate the speed of the bike too fast. With slower acceleration engine will be given more life.

This bike to get to what speed? Well, I've reached about 70 km/h with this bike. However, I recommend that you drive the bike at speeds around 50 to 60 km/h, which is a good speed for 150 cm3 engine. If exceed you 75 km bike even more smooth, but when the speed slows down the engine made much noise, which can be a good sign.

One of the reasons why I went for the Pulsar 150 cm3 is because 150 cm3 works well with the India road. What is the point to get a 200cc or a Pulsar 220cc if it has not any mileage? Also, if you go for a bike over 150 cm3 bike parts will be also more expensive. Another reason why the 135cc or 150 cm3 version is an excellent choice is because these two versions have the kick starter. This will save you if your battery dies.

Here are some tips in this bike handling:

Try not to use the lead to start the bike.With the help of the kick starter has some advantages. It increases the life of the engine and the amount of oil flow. The pistons set also in their correct positions.It will also increase the likelihood that the bike performs well.When you start the bike in the morning, the warm at least 30 seconds. This can make a huge difference in the performance of bikes for the rest of the day.When you start cycling, turn off lights or the bike may not start. There are also problems with its lights.Never accelerate the bike too abruptly, it can damage the engine and reduce the life of the engine.Does travel at 70 - 90 km/h until you put 2000-2500 km in mileage.Try to maintain at least a difference of 10 feet between your bike and the vehicle ahead of you to reduce the risk of a head-on collision.That's all. I hope that my review of the Bajaj Pulsar 150 cm3 bike has been useful.

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Bajaj Avenger 220 Telah di India launch

Bajaj Avenger, 200 bicycles dts - i in India, sell, buy new, used the bajaj avenger 220 engine 0-100 km/h 0-60 mph pictures bajaj avenger 220 videos bajaj avenger exams 220 bajaj avenger 220 specifications bajaj avenger 220 end photos bajaj avenger. As we reported a few days back, Bajaj launched the Avenger 220 for the Indian market. Avenger 220 would sport a larger 220cc engine with bigger oil cooler.

Bike would be sport 220cc 4 air-cooled engine. It is the same motor that obligation on the current Pulsar 220 DTSiThe bike now sports a larger oil cooler to stimulate the characteristics of the engine cooling.Power was bumped to 19.3 horsestorque was raised to 17.2 Nm @ 7000 RPMon road price of the bike in Pune is Rs. 76,876Bike has a battery of sensor, Auto-annuler indicatorsElectricals are all eyes DCof the old version were retainedBike is available in 4 colours; Black, red, blue and silver

The bike is available for the reservation and yours would be within 15 days of booking. We try to dig for more information, and as soon as we receive us would keep this article of new updates.

-Saad Khan

Bajaj avenger 220 avenger 220 220 Avengers and Avengers images top images 220 wallpapers collection showing bajaj_avenger_220_10 jpg more popular Avengers 220 images high quality avenger 220. Review of avenger Bajaj avenger bajaj, bajaj bajaj avenger 200 maxabout.com review price cars India bajaj avenger 200 price Avengers Avengers 200 avenger 220 blade 125 Boxer to boxer ar view all >. Review of dtsi Bajaj avenger - specifications of 200cc bajaj avenger I want to buy a new bajaj avenger 220 cc (black) but I am confused why no kick option so this bike only start with switch pls let me know about this option.

Tags: engine air-cooled, bajaj avenger, Boxer, car, color, high quality, horses, images, news article, pune, rpm, air stroke, speed, torque, wallpapers

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Bajaj Avenger 220cc Generasi engine Gede Produksi Bajaj

Examination on bajaj pulsar dtsi, revue bajaj pulsar dtsi, bajaj the last word comes from the company is that the pulsar 220 was launched in sri lanka and that it will be bajaj pulsar 220 dtsi launched in apple will be back host to Bajaj Pulsar in sri lankabajaj variants of pulsar price examines dtsi in that some countries developed and emerging as usa, Argentina, Colombia, Sweden, iran, Germany, Italy, sri lanka, Egypt, the Peru and bajaj bangladesh launched the pulsar 220 dtsi.

Avenger first made its appearance with the high engine, sharing the same plant's elder brother and Pulsar 180. When things have increased for Bajaj Avenger was awarded with a motor 200cc lifted from Pulsar 200. A few months back Bajaj has ceased production of 200 Pulsar in India and launched Pulsar 220 with a carburetor. Very recently 220cc engine was also shared by another model, Pulsar 220 street fighter version naked price where 200 Pulsar used to sell.

According to the news we, Bajaj intends to stop the Avenger 200cc version and, to come in place, with version 220cc with engine derived directly from the Pulsar elder on the market today. This move would make Avenger a still more worthy bike cruiser in the country where, in any event, there is no real competition. The bike would / could be launched this month itself and will probably become more expensive by about 4-5 thousand rupees fall approximately in the range of version of Pulsar 220.

This approach will certainly help the brand become a more powerful bike to turn cruiser maniacs even faster and more relaxed cruise on the roads. Keep tuned to BikeAdvice for more info on this subject.

Bajaj pulsar 220 naked Indian motorcycles launched blog by looking at the current rate of cycling that guess us that it would not take much time for bajaj to launch Sri lanka pulsar 220 dtsi launched in sri lanka is, exactly. Variants and Bajaj pulsar 220 dtsi review ppt presentation bajaj pulsar price reviews on bajaj pulsar bajaj pulsar 150 dtsi es dts - i ug pulsa sri lanka: humanitarian bajaj motor has launched pulsar 220 dtsi, the.

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Revue Sepeda motor Bajaj Pulsar 135LS

Auto rickshaw, engine valve, his personal experience, one day, the engine of the difference, digital tachometer, hero honda, seat position, offence, mileage, scooter, rear seat, honda yamaha bikes bajaj, projector, travel, God, personal opinion, fuel indicator.

HI BikeAdvice readers! I recently bought bajaj Pulsar 135ls and want to give my review on the bike. It is just a small review but hope, it helps.

(1) Design: you like cycling, but later, you start hating the bike. Because. His headlamp and rear design, rear seat thrown walk the bike seems incomplete.

(2) Engine: all we read valve engine approximately 4, but it is not that much difference. The engine is smoother up to 60 km/h. And later he made much noise and after 100 km cycling a lot of vibration. My personal experience: my trip to 415 km in one day - cooking is completely changed. (It was the scooter, firing in the last 100 km)

(3) Foundation: too bad. You have to bend a little while driving seats rear n. Oh my God. The seat is so strong that a stone is more fresh than the back seat. Person sitting behind complains after 100 km distance on his pain.

(4) Mileage: very well. It is very economic bike in terms of mileage. I have almost 60.

(5) Digital tachometer: failed! It shows low while running pulp flag permanently. Fuel indicator is also not function correctly. You can guess how gasoline remaining in the State reserve.

Global: If you want a good bike, to long term, then go for Honda, Yamaha Hero Honda. Don't buy Pulsar or Bajaj bike because they are only scooter/auto rickshaw expert. No offence, just my personal opinion.

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Modifikasi Bajaj Pulsar 135LS engine

The Bajaj more small pulsar variant, the new 135ls or sports lights seems good value for money ride: first impressions appear to be very positive, the bike is intended primarily for today. Bajaj pulsar 135ls: photos: overdrive as you read first in burnyourfuel.com, bajaj today launched the avatar again called bajaj pulsar 135ls in India a powerful 13 sport 5bhp 9000rpm a 11 4 torque 7500 nm. Motorcycle India species: bajaj pulsar 135ls: test review, specifications, price bajaj launches smallest bike in the range pulsar, four valves dtsi engine makes its debut.

We ran a newspaper article a few days on the launch of Pulsar 135LS Indonesian market. We have also assumed that the same changes would soon be announced on the Indian version. And here we share with you the actual news on the refreshed model. In response to the ethos of market, Bajaj launched a model update their Pocket wonder 4 valves, Pulsar 135LS, the Indian market with the following modifications.

(1) Split two rear fender parts: the previous iteration of the bike was equipped with a tire cum mudguard hugger that was functionally absolute but seemed also affected ugly, if not fantastic fresh looks of the bike. Bajaj was quick to catch up with the horror and the new model has a differently designed rear.

The rear wing is now composed of two units split with a small gap between the two. Sharp internal unity, which is fixed on the cover of the chain, prevents the internal parts of mud where the curved outer unit prohibits the water beyond the following vehicle. Apart from the functional part, this change definitely gels well with the General sharp looking bike.

(2) Half string coverage: except the rear mudguard, complete coverage of string also spoiled the sports aspect of this bike. Bajaj has removed the cover of the complete string and comes half cover sports channel that emphasize the sporting character of the bike. However, this also means a more frequent cleaning of the chain.

(3) O-ring chain: to reduce the impact of a naked string exposed to dirt and dust, Bajaj has also changed the conventional chain need much attention to the o-ring sealed chain needs little care and a better life.

(4) Re - designed Sare guard: consistent with government regulations, the bike comes with a redesigned Sare guard to keep the flow of theme.

(5) All black engine: the previous version of Pulsar 135 came with an engine of money with the rest of the theme: black, including the breech. The new version has a black style theme which has certainly improved the already stunning looks of the bike.

With changes in the rear and a black theme, the bike has been provided with an additional colour of sportsmanship that will attract certainly more buyers to showrooms of the Bajaj. These changes were mainly cosmetic, assured that Bajaj listens to the feedback provided by customers. Even to speak of a good part, despite these improvements, the bike prices raised and second; existing customers of Pulsar 135LS can go to most of the amendments on their bikes. Rejoice!

-Saad Khan

Bajaj pulsar launched 135ls - new bajaj pulsar 135ls - motorcycle bajaj pulsar 135ls original colour is black and Red pulsar 135ls launched in Jakarta, Indonesia on April 14, 2010, the performance of this bike is good, with 4 valves. Bajaj pulsar 135ls updated the bajaj pulsar 135ls a huge success and has sold more than 1 lakh unitsIn one month after its launch now bajaj launched a revised version of the pulsar 135.

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Perbandingan Bajaj Pulsar 135LS vs Honda Stunner vs Yamaha SS125 engine

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125cc bikes, 125cc engine, better mileage, city traffic, test rides, stunning design, product offering, status symbol, big guys, stunner, splendors, launch, answering the question, commuters, rpms, showrooms, sibling, gladiator, youngsters, hard time,

The all new Bajaj Pulsar 135 is the youngest sibling in Pulsar’s empire. It churns out 13.5ps@9000 rpm which almost outperforms most of the 150cc bikes in market and lets see how. Honda Stunner with the same 125cc engine engine from Honda Shine capable of 11ps@8000rpm,but rocks with the stunning Design which competes with 200+cc bikes in terms of 125 dimensions. Yamaha with its new cosmetic launch SS 125 over the existing Gladiator can do the same 11ps@7500rpm like Stunner, But Yamaha scores out all others in terms of nimble smooth handling even at higher rpms which is a dream in City Traffic.

As said above, The latest sibling in Pulsar Family launched by December 2009, Pulsar 135 boasts an amazing 135cc 4 Valve engine made of Light weight Aluminum similar to Yamaha R15. The amazing part is this engine is capable to throwing 13.5Bhp @ 9000rpm and becomes the only bike under 250cc to churn out its max capability at a Massive 9000rpm. Our next contestant Honda Stunner creates a First impression which is the Best Impression.

When I saw the Stunner for the first time, I assumed it to be a 200cc bike or atleast a 180cc. But when I heard it was 125cc I wasnt able to digest it. But Honda has given a good price justification in terms of Quality. Nothing much to say about the Yamaha SS 125 as the Yamaha Tunning Fork Logo speaks everything.


When I talk about looks, I may not be always correct as everyone has a Pair of eyes and look at things differently. Comparing these three bikes, let me solicit my perception on looks and leave the decision to audience.

It all started with the XCD 125 being the most ugliest or rather visually awkward bike of the decade, did not show much interest on sales chart for Bajaj. Then came the XCD 135 which had better aesthetics, But still competitors were miles ahead. So finally Bajaj has done some quality R&D and came up with the Pulsar 135 LS which is fresh and strikingly better styling than its next sibling Pulsar 150.

I have to say Bajaj being a master mind has made this beauty by inspiring the best looking qualities of most Indian Bikes. Like the beautifully carved petrol tank which makes us confuse with Hero Honda Hunk and the Head light may remind Yamaha FZ.

As you see below overall the bike looks awesome in every detail, the Clip-on handles and split Grab-rails go hand in hand to create a freaky impression. Adding to this, the trademark dual seats and R6 like tail finishing makes you fall in love the moment you see it. In contrast to all the above sentences the rear Mudguard certainly looks absurd and possibly creates a funny impression on the bike.

May be the Indonesian version of Pulsar 135 bears a two piece Mudguard which atleast looks better. In my opinion this mudguard is added to avoid problem registering the Bike and could be removed to get the complete freaky look to which the design is intended to.

Pulsar 135 is the only bike to have a Digital speedo amongst the others, also the speedo looks well defined and clear. Overall the bike looks the best in Pictures, But in reality Pulsar 135 looks much smaller than the Stunner and SS 125. Even with a rider in good shape and suitable costumes riding the bike still leaves an incomplete feeling. The main reason is its dimensions which may be a justification for its siblings. May be the Pulsar 135 be the bike receiving the most touches in a Parking lot, but End of the day. on road with its owner riding the Pulsar 135 doesn’t create a huge impression.

Next comes the most recent launch Yamaha SS 125 which is nothing but the same Gladiator with much attractive graphics. Personally I feel Gladiator was a better name though. SS 125 carries the same plain looks, nothing much interesting to talk about. The most notable point is the paint quality which is really awesome, which really shines atleast for an year.

The Split seats looks the best and offers the best in class comfort. The refreshed Stunner version bears a engine cowl matching the body color and styling. Also the chain is exposed rather being covered in the previous model and engine gets a complete black treatment over the silver. In my point of view Stunner misses out in suspension as the proportions exactly fit a Mono Suspension. Overall the entire package is well balanced and outscores the Pulsar 135 and SS 125 in terms of looks.

Pulsar 135 : 4/5
Stunner : 5/5
SS 125 : 4/5

While looking at a bike all three must be looked separately, But when it comes to Performance all three have to combined. I am sure obviously the verdict of this paragraph would be aware to everyone. The Pulsar 135 LS with its screaming 13.5Bhp which is released at a mind blowing 9000rpm makes it to top the performance arena.Apart from the R15 its the only bike to have the highest tachometer red-line at 10000rpm. Pulsar 135 LS is completely different from the traditional bikes.

The engine is made of soft aluminum which anticipates Heat with much efficiency. The bike is capable of pulling with 11.4nm Torque at 7500rpm. These values never disappoint the Yamaha SS 125 as it peaks a 11bhp at 7500rpm and Torque is 1nm less than the Pulsar 135, But SS 125 acheives the 10.4nm at an early 6500rpm itself. Coming to the Stunner its plain an simple its 11bhp at 8500rpm to gain the best power and Torque segment ends at 6500rpm with 11nm Torque.well balanced and outscores the Pulsar 135 and SS 125 in terms of looks.

When all three were run on road with well experienced owners, it was really amazing to see the Pulsar 135 actually blowing off the other two right from 60 to 116 Kmph on speedo, isn’t it an amazing figure for a bike in this category?. Trust me many 150cc bikes which include CBZX, Hunk,Unicorn,FZ and Pulsar 150 fall less than the Top whack of Pulsar 135, May be only the Apache 160 can show an addition 5kmph over Pulsar 135. Since the torque figures are almost the same, all the three were more or less in the same level untill 60 kmph. The next to follow Pulsar 135 was the SS 125 with a much lesser pace.

The Pulsar 135 bearing the LS engine is somewhat similar to R15 in terms of engine characteristics. It easily revs up-to 9000rpm in no time, Pulsar 135 deliberately requires the rider to be around 60-65 kgs to show its maximum capability, Honestly it struggles a lot when a Pillion is accompanied. As said earlier both the Stunner and SS 125 are almost equal in terms of performance. Being clear with Pulsar 135's performance, I have mentioned that Pulsar 135 can outperform 150ccs in terms of Top Speed and not Pickup. Any stable 150cc would kick the butt of Pulsar 135 untill 90kmph. Once you cross 90kmph mark you can take the game in your hand with the Pulsar 135.

Pulsar 135 : 5/5
Stunner : 3.5/5
SS 125 : 4/5

This may me the only deciding factor for the majority 125cc segment customers. A performance freak will always opt for a higher displacement engine, while the 125cc is meant purely for comfort similar to 150ccs and Mileage better than 150ccs. Now coming to the Pulsar 135, with the clipons and split seats in place, Provides healthy comfort for a Rider who is anywhere between 5.5ft to 6ft. But not upto the traditional Stunner’s Handle.

Though Stunner lags in intial pickup, the straight seating posture and higher split seats help you and your girlfriend to enjoy biking both in city traffic and a pleasant long ride with ease. SS 125 with traditional single seat and straight posture offers a similar quality ride like the Stunner. But this time may not with your girlfriend but with your Wife in the SS 125. Handling the SS125 in city traffic becomes much easy than many 150ccs as the super wide handle exactly fits the seating posture creating a confidence never before.

But I don’t think Seat and Handles are not the only aspects for comfort and Handling, Engine is the most important ingredient on a touring perception. In this case the clear winner is the SS 125 as the engine feels absolutely undisturbed at around 80-90kph. Anything above is 90kmph is out of question as it takes more than 15secs to reach 100kph from 90 kph This is not the same with the Pulsar 135 or Stunner.

While cruising at around 90kph in Pulsar 135 it creates vibrations around the Petrol tank and foot pegs which is certainly annoying, either the throttle has to be increased to get onto a furious ride or in order to get the smooth riding pleasure like the SS 125, the roll-a-Costa ride at 8500rpm has to be controlled within 5000rpm. Whereas it becomes almost impossible to imagine touring in a Stunner at 90kmph, All Honda characteristics in the engine vanish once you hit 90kph, the engine gets well stressed and make us stop punishing it further. Regarding brakes all the three boast a powerful Disc brake at the front and a drum at the rear. Which is more than adequate to stop them on tarmac.

In short for city commuting stunner would be the best as under 5000rpm the engine operates so quiet like your home Air Conditioner. SS 125 seems to be a bit harsh until 5000rpm and may be ideal for touring as its becomes ultra refined over the 5k mark. Now coming to Pulsar 135 is ideal for city bikers who are passionate towards performance, the reason is a passionate biker who needs performance will be free from Pillions.

Pulsar 135 : 4/5
Stunner : 4/5
SS 125 : 4.5/5

Both Honda and Yamaha are well established brands throughout the world. So need’nt say much about their Quality. Stunner with top quality rubbers and tubeless tyres seem to provide more justice to its price tag of 62,244 on road Hyderabad. Its not appropriate to say Stunner is over priced as the bike justifies every penny you have paid for it. Moreover the main reason for not including the FI version is because the on road price shoots upto 75,943 without Accessories, Extended warranty etc, may not be justifiable. SS 125 at 57,750 on road Hyderabad may look quite a drizzle at the first look. Unlike Stunner and Pulsar 135, most of the SS 125 (Gladiator) owners bought their bike only because they used an Yamaha before or with the words of his friend who is a satisfied customer of SS 125. So the quality of spare parts, Ultra Smooth engine for touring and Yamaha Logo are the only justification for the Price tag.

Pulsar 135 is the one bike at 60,583 on road Hyderabad, which seems to offer more value for money than the other. It has almost all the latest goodies like Digi Speedo, Split seats, rear leds, clipons, higher displacement engine etc and regarding the quality we have to wait and see as its only 8 months old. Moreover In my point of view off-course the only way for Bajaj to attract customers will be with new technology, performance and eye catching gadgets as there no history or reputation which can be put forward, So personally I would suggest the Pulsar 135 for youngsters who always like to compete and win.

Stunner fits youngsters again, But not with as much fun as like Pulsar 135‘s. Parents preference towards Honda’s reputation and stunning looks makes one think, its ok to compromise on performance and click a sale towards Honda. This is the only reason we have huge wait period for Stunner. As said before “Investment for years to come” is all about Yamaha SS 125, Personally i can witness many Gladiators which are still running the same even after 6 years of optimal use. Though others offer better gadgets and stunning design the real winner in the Value for Money segment will always be the Turtle and not the Rabbit.

Pulsar 135 : 3.5/5
Stunner : 4/5
SS 125 : 4.5/5

The entire review may sound like a verdict. But yes lets atleast this one small and sweet. Pulsar 135 may be the best in class in terms of performance, but Quality still remains a Question. Where Stunner heads-up with its rocking design and dimensions, leaving the SS 125 with nothing special. So the ultimate choice in 125cc segment would be the Stunner as it has both Honda’s reputation and stunning design. Where Yamaha SS 125 would follow with its legendary quality and super smooth cruising (Which is not present in most 150ccs). Now Pulsar 135 takes the third position as, the gadgets and features put together on road run fast but not as solid as the SS 125.

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Perbandingan Bajaj Pulsar 220 vs Yamaha R15 vs Apache RTR 180

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bajaj pulsar 220 dtsi, bajaj pulsar 220, indian bikes, hero honda, performance bikes, performance arena, performance enthusiasts, torque output, yamaha bikes, direct descendant, hard feelings, yamaha r15, zmr, rd 350, karizma, test rides, performance chart, showrooms, yamaha yzf, maintenance cost,

Ever since the Karizma was launched, Indian biking standards entered the performance arena. Earlier when the RD 350 went on sale, there were only a handful of customers were identified as performance enthusiasts by Yamaha, Bikes were sold only in terms of their Mileage and Maintenance cost. But now the current scenario has entirely changed. Now a days bikes are identified with exact BHP and Torque output that came be made out of it. So I decided to have a check on the top three performers among Indian Bikes.I have to accept that currently in India we have wide range of bikes in every segment. Shortlisting three bikes among the wide range was a bit difficult task.

After consulting various showrooms, Bikers and test rides, finally I figured out the truth that performance is not only about the Engine Capacity or power output that a bike can make, its a overall package consisting a balance between Power and Handling.Now coming to our list of top three contestants, I had hard feelings to have the Karizma dropped from the list as both the variants ZMA R and ZMR fall a tad lesser in terms of performance to the Bajaj Pulsar 220 Dtsi, TVS Apache 180 and Yamaha R15. Hero Honda has a different league and point of view than Bajaj and TVS as they are not into any competition, while others keep re-boring their engines to top the performance chart. So finally I ended up shortlisting the Pulsar 220 Dtsi, Apache 180 and Yamaha R15 as the top three performance bikes currently available in Indian Market and let see who wins by the end of this review.

The Yamaha YZF R15 which was launched on July 2008, has taken Indian performance biking to the next level. As R15 is the direct descendant of the mighty R1 not only carries the looks, but also the R series biking spirit in terms of handling and performance. R15 is the most least Powered, small capacity engine and highly priced. Its hard to believe that only with 17ps of power on a 150cc engine, R15 can easily challenge the big guys running with 220cc engines. TVS with its new upgrade launch over the RTR FI, has removed the FI badge.

But refined the engine to 180cc that can do a 17.3ps. Judging the looks many still think there isnt much difference between the 160 and 180cc RTRs. But trust me you have to have a ride in the RTR 180 to have you mind blown. Since Pulsar 220 DTS-FI just made a drizzle in sales chart and been outperformed by a tiny 150cc engine, Bajaj upgraded the Pulsar 220 with a massive 21ps of Power in a carburetted 220cc engine, Pulsar 220 hits all other performance bikes directly in terms of Power to Money ratio.

These days many youngsters have started to give much importance to looks and styling right from selecting a Girl Friend to a Bike. Enough spoken about R15's looks, undoubtedly still there is no bike in India within the common price range to match the R15. Since the R15 is better known as the 150cc version of R1, it directly carries the cuts and curves from the R series. The gorgeous front fairing along with R series dual head lamps and split clip-ons can drag any Eyes to stare upon. On contrast as we all know the rear looks a bit annoying with skinny tyres, but I hope almost everyone got used to the narrow looking rear. I have to admit that its a feast to our see the amazing dual head lamps lit in high beam during night. Though R15‘s rear looks similar to any other normal bike.

Also the R15 carries the same digital speedo from its sibling R125, the fact is R15‘s speedo offers better contrast than any other bike in Market. R15 is currently offered in Yellow, Red, Blue and Black. Also a limited white edition is circling among various showrooms.Moreover in terms of dimensions, Pulsar 220 looks like a father in front of the kid R15. But this scenario changes once you sit on the bike as Pulsar 220 feels the same like a 150cc Pulsar with some extra plastics attached and not the completed race bike feel like the R15.With all black styling, the all new Pulsar 220 Dtsi looks more attractive with added magnetism. The beautifully sculpted front semi fairing looks pretty much more for the Price tag, but looks plasticy too. But I would say the ZMA R’s Semi fairing shows much more maturity in designing. The eye catching feature is the front projector lamps which not only helps the rider in dark, but also exhibit killer looks which is the only one of its kind.

Pulsar 220 Dtsi is the only bike in India to have a projector based head lamp apart from the Yamaha R1. Bajaj has tried to meddle with the Side view mirrors this time, but have ended up on the wrong side, anyways it looks “okay” on the fairing though. When looked beneath the Fairing, its all the same like a 180cc Pulsar. Same chassis, clipons, Split seats and Rear led. Its almost impossible to figure out a Pulsar 220 from rear. Even the Digital speedo and gas shocked suspension is exactly the same like its siblings. So you its very easy to understand the marketing strategy behind Pulsar 220. My favorite feature on Pulsar220 is the exhaust, Technically the exhaust is the same as a Pulsar 180's but neatly buried in a beautiful Silver moulding which certainly grabs everyone’s attention instantly. Its evident that TVS hasn’t spend much on time on designing the new Apache 180.

The design elements are pretty much same like the Apache 160cc. With additional Pearl White color and golden forks the RTR can be distinguished among its siblings easily. Tank scoops carry the RTR logo on them and the all black theme is well blended. No more modification with the RTR 180's rear, the removable rear mudguard is really appreciated as it can be removed to look aggressive and attached during rainy rides. Rear LEDs are the same from its siblings and has a good reputation for its quality over the Pulsar’s rear LEDs.. The speedo is Blue lit and posses a 0-60 timer as well as a top speed indicator. But one outstanding element in Apache’s design is that the seating posture, which fits a rider more perfectly than any other. That is, the Rider and bike look like “made for each-other”.

In simple words to join the crowd you can buy a Pulsar or Apache, but to stand out the crowd you should have something like the R15

Pulsar 220: 3.5/5Apache 180: 4/5R15: 5/5

The most juiciest part of this review may be this segment as this is the real purpose for which all three are made for. When reviewing the papers, there is no match for the Pulsar 220 with an amazing 220cc engine, running on a 32? carb, produces 21bhp of power and a stunning 19.44nm torque. Adding to this Bajaj claims that a Pulsar 220 can hit 0-100kph in 11secs and a top whack of 144kph. which is currently the Fastest Indian (Bike). Next comes the Apache 180, with a slightly bigger 180cc engine, capable of producing 17.3ps and a decent 15.5nm torque, always has an edge over the Pulsar in terms of handling. But TVS also claim that the Apache is capable of hitting 0-100kph in 12.5secs and a top whack of 125kph. Some may feel 125kph may be a turn down, which makes absolutely no sense within a city.

In contrast to Bajaj and TVS, one factor that I love about Yamaha is their marketing approach. Yamaha has never claimed any 0-100 sprint record or top whack for R15 or FZ. Even after launching the performance accessories, they specifications just say the power is increased by 30% and top speed is over 150kph thats it, Plain and Simple. Some may feel with puny 150cc generating a 17ps power with 15nm torque may not be worth comparing with the Pulsar220. But let me make you understand the actual scenario with my experience over these bikes.

Yamaha R15: First of all, Bikes never exactly perform the same mention as mentioned in papers. For example Pulsar 135 LS is advertised with 13.5ps power and a 0-60 sprint in 5.2secs, but in real world Bajaj made this calculation based on an output with a rider weighing 58kgs. So in order to gain the exact performance mentioned on papers, our dynamics should also match with the bike. Here coming to our contestants, The only bike that can rev quickly upto 10,500rpm would be the R15. Remember the ECU cuts off fuel supply to engine after 10.5K rpm. R15 with a hardworking 150cc engine, made of die-casted aluminum which is imported from Thailand, performs to the extreme, but fails to make a typical rider understand how exactly to ride the bike to gain optimum performance. Since most of us are used to Pulsars and Apaches, we are used to a 3000 to 7000rpm power band, where most of our Indian bikes struggle or rather feels stressed to reach 7000rpm in the first place. But the actual fun in R15 is released over 7000rpm till the engine gets cutoff at 10,500rpm. The more you accelerate the smoother the engine is, as a result R15 makes you power hungry and urges to accelerate more and more. Trust me you can never get a vibration free ride in any Indian bike over 100kmph, except this one.

Pulsar 220: Once I release the clutch in Pulsar 220 , eagerness to move forward was much higher than the R15 and Apache 180, it deliberately pulls you forward which will surely make you understand what exactly means “21bhp”. But regarding RPM level Pulsar’s engine is pretty much happy to operate under 7000rpm and feels totally stressed over that mark. Power band is pretty much narrow towards the Low and Mid range. The next amazing thing about the Pulsar 220 is that you just need to twist the accelerator 55 degrees to achieve the maximum throttle, which is about 85 degrees in R15 and Apache. But I have to admit two things the engine is not as smooth as the other two at higher RPMs and vibrations around the petrol tank and fairing, jointly reduces confidence for a normal rider over triple digits on the speedo. Since the entire bike weighs about 150kg twisting the bike at high-speeds is also a concern. Nothing much to say Bajaj has done a great job this time with the Pulsar 220, If you need a relaxed seating posture and no compromise in Power then here is your Holy Grail.

Apache RTR 180: As the name describes it really oozes out Racing Throttle Response, on demand. Apache 180 is pretty much eager to move forward, while you may feel someone pushing from behind, once the clutch is released. Similar to R15 the Apache feels completely under powered when a Pillion is on board, this may be due to the huge power to weight ratio and lesser capacity engine. Also the absence of semi or full fairing ticks a negative point towards the Apache, as a normal rider may loose confidence over high speeds. But within city the Apache 180 is a gift for performance freaks. Though Apache 180 looks like a normal bike, the ride quality cannot be compared to any other bike within 200cc (Xcluding R15). Like the other two you hardly notice when you hit 100kph and due to the same chassis design vibrations are felt so badly within 4500rpm to 7500rpm and once you pass the mark you forget everything as heavy wind blowing towards you , makes you forget all vibrations. Being clear about Apache !80‘s performance, its a practically undefeated machine at its price point.

We fixed the deserted Shamshabad airport road to be ideal for testing as the road itself is built in International standards. But unfortunately, our friend with the Pulsar 220 did not turn up in time to have this Drag and Top speed test within Sunset, hence I wasn’t able to click Pictures. I was safe sitting in a RD350, with a camera. But sorry guys the video quality came out so pathetic that I dont want to publish.

Once the Whistle was blown to take off, it was really amazing to see the Pulsar 220 with a small wheelie moving forward with much potential than the other two, Just about half a meter distance followed the R15 and Apache was about inches lesser than the R15. But once all three crossed about 85Kph the R15 with a big smile kicked both the bikes till 123kph with a good two meter gap. But lately the Pulsar took over and a top whack of 151kph was seen in Pulsar, where the R15 just struggled at around 142kph. Since I was in a RD 350, we all three did not pay much attention to the Apache 180, which was in the league untill 110kph and went about 20-30 meters behind with a top whack of 126kph.

We tried the same thrice and found Pulsar 220 to be the best in Drag and top whack too. Next came the R15 which also topped the drag from 80kph, but lost at the end. Apache even though kept at the maximum throttle, gave a good engine note, but failed to catch the other two. One thing which we noticed when all three were running at the same speed, was the speedo read exactly 65kph in R15 and Apache, where it was 68kph in Pulsar 220. This made us suspect Pulsar speedo to be over enthusiastic. According to our calculations all three hit the 0-100 sprint in less than 10secs, Where the time difference was in micosecs.

An interesting point to be noted in the above test is that, Both Pulsar 220 and Apache 180 were is stock condition not even a Month old, but the R15 was 2 year old. Later the next day I got an opportunity to ride an R15 factory modified with ECU, High lift Camshaft and Racing exacust. Nothing can catch this baby except the Ninja, it easily hits a top wack of 150kph with plenty of energy left in it. Yamaha salesmen quoted a top speed of 167kph at 12,000rpm in 6th gear, which is not possible with any other bike in this segment. Also Yamaha recommends you not to exceed 11,000rpm as you may end blowing-up the engine. Along with the upgraded discs the entire ride was like a gift to me. But you got to add 30,000/- to an R15 to gain this performance.

Pulsar 220: 5/5Apache 180: 4/5R15: 4.5/5

Once we headed up to city traffic, The entire scenario changed, The Pulsar 220 felt so heavy and the Rider was almost feeling so hard to take sharp curves. In contrast Apache felt like heaven in zipping the traffic. All three have tubeless tyres, where Pulsar and R15 have better road grip as they are MRF’s soft compound.

Apache still feels unsafe over high speed cornering due to its TVS Tyres. Within city it was the Apache to kick both R15 and Pulsar in terms of ease handling. But once the Traffic can give way upto 60kph, both have to give way for R15 as the rider has the confidence to do 90kph within the same traffic. R15 feels like the front tyre is firmly attached to the ground and nil vibrations makes one feel that its okay to accelerate more and more.

Since the R15 being the lightest of all three, it has a edge over in the Handling department. Its provides you maximum confidence over high speed cornering. Also an important point to add is that when cornering on Pulsar 220 or Apache 180, I noticed most of the riders bend towards Left when taking a Right corner due to lack of confidence, but most of the R15 rider bend towards the same direction on which the corner lies. This purely depends on the Bike’s overall balance. R15 is much more accurately designed with the Delta box chassis which certainly makes you understand about Yamaha’s heritage.Regarding brakes all three are equipped with front and rear discs and Apache which has a Roto petal disc grabs motion much easily than others.

A distinct feature about the R15‘s discs is that, even without an ABS in place the brakes never lockup at all. Regarding Pulsar 220 , it carries the same brakes from its sibling and is efficient enough to stop the 21 horses. Some serious improvement is required regarding the rear discs in Apache and Pulsar. They feel less reliable than traditional drum brakes and also disc pads wear out in the rear most commonly.

Needless to say R15 provides much accurate biking it a good balance between the front and rear discs. Moreover in terms gear shifting, Apache 180 seriously needs some quality R&D as its still difficult to operate the gear box normally. Pulsar 220 with an improved gear box is certainly perfect, but not as perfect as the internationally engineered R15's gearbox. Its proven that two supensions cannot work at the same frequency providing a complete balance over the wheel travel. Hence R15 has an advantage of mono suspenstion, which is a gift for track racers and also handle potholes much efficiently than Apache and Pulsar.

If you are a frequent tourer and confused between these three, then ideally this content should help you. Generally touring on a bike is purely for enjoying the ride unlike other mode of transport. In our comparison its the Pulsar 220 to bag the First prize because of its relaxed seating posture and semi fairing, gives enough comfort for long distant drives. Pulsar 220 is capable of cruising at 120kph with ease. On contrast the R15 can provide you a much more smoother ride in triple digits, but the seating posture is a completely inconvenient for longer drives, a normal rider has to take a break every 2 hrs in order to relax from backache. Coming to the Apache, the Seating posture is still inconvenient as shoulders are not relaxed and vibrations, which is a nightmare in longer drives. This makes the R15 and Apache to be disqualified for touring purpose .


Pulsar 220: 4/5Apache 180: 5/5R15: 4.5/5


Pulsar: 5/5Apache 180: 3/5R15: 3.5/5

Since all the contestants deal with the performance, All three engines are constantly operated in higher RPMs which surely reduces the Engine life. But I have tried to give a clear picture of how these bike may look over 2 years of optimum usage.The main reason for having a huge queue out of Honda showroom with wait periods over 2 months is just for the kind of quality that Honda products offer.

Still many may argue that am using my Pulsar for more than 5 years and its still running. I agree to the point may be your Pulsar or Apache is running, But How? For instance the Apache 180 feels much stressed over 5000rpm, It feels as though you are punishing the engine, which literally annoys the rider, if you plan to take a smooth ride over the Highway, trust me you will surely end-up reaching home much tired than having a ride in Pulsar 220 or R15.

Since the Fastest Indian has a relaxed 220cc engine, it has an edge over the R15 and Apache in terms of engine stress, But when I compared R15 with both Bajaj and TVS’s salesmen all they told was our bike will perform equal or better than R15 at a lower price Point. But regarding quality, durability and vibration free ride, their answer was its a Yamaha Product Sir, and moreover “What you pay is what you get”. Bajaj pro-biking showroom executive directly admits that Pulsar’s engine usually gets rattled over a period of two years. But he also informed me that the new Pulsar is much more refined than its elders. But its hard to believe that Bajaj has improved its quality by reducing its Price bracket.

Pulsar 220: 4/5Apache 180: 3.5/5R15: 5/5

All three offer Digital Speedo, front and rear discs and Full DC electric system, Additionally Pulsar and Apache have Back lid Leds, in which Pulsar’s fail very often.To own your Pulsar 220 on road, it may cost you about 85,247/- with Bajaj finance you can pay 38,147/- as initial down payment and the rest 3,236/- in 18 months at 10.99% interest rate, At this price point Pulsar 220 is really unbeatable with a higher power and displacement engine and gadgets like projector lens lamp, Self canceling indicators and back lit switches (Which I personally dont like, during night the more darker the more fun.

Pulsar 220's power hungriness reflects in fuel consumption too, Pulsar when operated over 8,000rpm runs about 30kmpl and 35-40 when kept under 5,000rpm. With this about information you can calculate your riding style and conditions (city or highway). Regarding spares TVS seems to cost a bit more than Bajaj and Yamaha as a Brake pad would cost you about 1300/- which is just 1000/- for Pulsar 220 and R15. One important point to notice is that Yamaha’s spares are much cheaper than others, the complete front fairing plastics would cost you only about 2500/-.

Pulsar: 4.5/5Apache 180: 3.5/5R15: 4.5/5

After sales servicing is also a long term deciding factor when purchasing a Bike. According to the sales chart, Yamaha R15 sells almost five times more than Apache 180 and about three times more than Pulsar 220. Which makes Yamaha R15 the best seller in India among these three. Its the same old story the more market demands the less response you get. R15 is allowed for a test ride only in selected showrooms, moreover the wait time for a Yellow color R15 is about 2 months which may be an irritating factor, where Bajaj and TVS are ready with their products in hours. Moreover in India customer service from Yamaha doesn’t reflect its international reputation. TVS has changed its approach towards customer service, these days. Every customer is treated with much importance and this makes us gain more confidence towards their products. Every compliant is taken into account and a callback is make within 24 hrs to ensure the customer is all right.

Bajaj with its world class Pro-biking showroom and a Ninja in display creates a WOW feeling the moment you enter the showroom. Owing to the sales depression on Pulsar 220 and Avenger, Bajaj is ready to provide a test ride even without a pillion within a controlled environment. Everything is plain and simple with Yamaha, we offer you service and Yamaha branded spares and you pay the money thats it, there is no mutual understanding which makes them stick to their rules and regulations. Bajaj due the limited number of pro-biking showrooms makes many to drop the Pulsar 220 due to after sales servicing issues. Anyways personal satisfaction towards customer experience is guaranteed with TVS.

Pulsar: 4.5/5Apache 180: 5/5Yamaha: 4/5

Since you are tired reading the entire review, Let me make this plain and simple. Pulsar 220 being the fastest Indian may score a edge over others in terms of performance. But heavily lacks durability and ease of handling. So our winner in this segment would be the Yamaha R15, in order to understand this you have to attack a corner at about 110kph in an R15 to understand where exactly all your extra money went. There is no comparison to the quality of ride that an R15 can offer you. Every corner and every twist would be a happy event to be attacked by the R15 unlike the other two.

Coming to our runner the Pulsar 220, I have to admit that Bajaj has done a great job in uplifting Indian biking status. But still a long way to go in order to gain international standards. Also Bajaj should understand the fact that restricting themselves to a lower price tag will never help in gaining reputation.

Coming to Apache 180, which is surely not a loser. But not upto the mark like the other two. TVS has to do something to reduce the Vibration which is carried out like a genital disease throughout the family. Excluding which Apache 180 still needs a better chassis and at least an aero-dynamic semi fairing in order to top the others.

- Harish

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